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Delivering the ultimate presentation

Serving as a leading platform to exhibit best practice and research, the ESOT Congress delivers world-class science and education.

As an abstract presenter, you can be at the very heart of it! You have a unique opportunity to showcase your exciting research in transplantation and contribute to the learning of others in the field.  

Poster upload deadline: Announcement

The poster upload deadline has been extended! You now have until 10 September to upload your poster.

Abstract presenter guide  

We understand that giving presentations can be challenging and is something that requires careful thought, planning and research. To support you in this process, ESOT has produced this guide to help you prepare the ultimate presentation. 

 Whether you’re delivering an oral or poster presentation, the guide provides tips and useful templates to make your presenting experience as smooth as possible.  

Presentation template 

Delivering an oral presentation? Download the PowerPoint template below! 

Graphical abstract templates


Download the PowerPoint templates below to showcase your graphical abstract/poster presentation at the ESOT Congress 2023.


Graphical abstract template 1:

Click here to download

Graphical abstract template 2

Click here to download

Graphical abstract template 3

Click here to download