Video Abstract Submission

New for the ESOT2019 Congress in Copenhagen!

There is a brand-new way to submit your abstract using video and an alternative to a text abstract submission. Selected video abstracts will be screened at the prestigious ESOT2019 ViP Sessions followed by 2 min of Q&A.

This video below takes you through the simple all steps needed to submit a video abstract.

Follow these simple steps to submit a video abstract:

  1. Log in to your YouTube profile (create a new profile if needed)
  2. Login to the MY CONGRESS section of the ESOT2019 website (create a new profile if needed)
  3. Select on “new submission”
  4. Select “Video Abstract” (not Text Abstract)
  5. Add the title and introduction text to your abstract
  6. Select “record video” (make sure you grant access to your camera and microphone)
  7. Create 3 minutes of magic…(note, you can keep trying again and again)
  8. When you’re happy with the results, select“share” (we recommend setting your video to unlisted)
  9. Once the video is uploaded, copy and paste the URL into MY CONGRESS
  10. Select the appropriate categories for your abstract
  11. Complete the disclosure form

That’s it. Once you submit your video abstract there is nothing more to do, except register for the ESOT2019 Congress in Copenhagen.