19th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation 15 – 18 September 2019

ESOT Congress 2021 in Milan

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Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

On behalf of the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT), we are very pleased to invite you to attend the ESOT Congress 2021, which will take place in Milan, Italy from 29th August to 1st September 2021.

The event is being held at the Milano Convention Center in Milan, Italy’s second largest city, a very dynamic city and the undisputed business and financial capital of Italy. In recent years, Milan has seen a real Renaissance, elevating the city and its urban surroundings to global capital of food, design and fashion. There’s a new energy in town, some kind of renewed optimism, pride, passion, which make Milan the ideal place for a meeting gathering transplantation professionals from Europe and beyond, to discuss the main ESOT 2021 Congress theme: Interplay, Connect, Interface.

Transplantation is at a turning point with the necessity to open doors and include other disciplines such as organ reconstruction and regeneration, mechanical assisted devices and different categories from bio-hybrid technologies to biomedical engineering. This is why we need contemplate a new and reimagined approach to patients, treatments and the professionals of the field.

This event continues and reinforces ESOT as the main platform for connecting the research and academic community with patients, European policymakers, and Industry. The Congress will cover all organs related clinical aspects and transplant techniques: from basic to advanced as well as innovative studies.

The Congress overarching theme indicates a special focus on the different technological advances and applications in organ regeneration and cell therapy that can rapidly and cost effectively lead us to an even better care for patients in need of organ function replacement.

The Congress will feature its usual innovative and entertaining format, which includes the latest technologies for presentations and interactive poster sessions. One of the most exciting aspects of attending an ESOT conference is the people you’ll meet. ESOT invites and attracts speakers, delegates and global experts to deliver high level plenary overviews but also keynote addresses on inspiring scientific topics relevant to our field.

The ESOT 2021 Congress will be enriched by a variety of side events, workshops, consensus conferences and work meetings to promote the interaction amongst all stakeholders, connect researchers and academics with industry partners, all working together to address the needs and create opportunities for transplantation in the next 5-10 years.

Of course, you will also have the opportunity to meet your peers in a stimulating and fun environment during our lively networking and social events, in the beautiful city of Milan. The Italian Society for Organ Transplantation (SITO) will work alongside ESOT to deliver a stimulating and engaging congress experience for Professionals coming from around the globe, but also relevant to the large Italian transplant community.

Save the date for this exciting event and stay tuned to hear about abstract deadlines, registration options and more, and the many ways in which you can participate in, and benefit from the ESOT 2021 in Milan.

ESOT Congress 2021 in Milan


Maria Rosa Costanzo, Chicago, USA
Umberto Cillo, Padova, Italy




Luciano Potena, Bologna, Italy
Raj Thuraisingham, London, UK

Christian Benden, Zurich, Switzerland • Ugo Boggi, Pisa, Italy • Umberto Cillo, Padova, Italy • Stephan Ensminger, Lubeck, Germany • Christine Falk, Hannover, Germany • Anna Forsberg, Lund, Sweden • Amelia J. Hessheimer, Barcelona, Spain • Martin Hoogduijn, Rotterdam, the Netherlands • Sarah Hosgood, Cambridge, UK • Ina Jochmans, Leuven, Belgium • Julie Kerr-Conte, Lille, France • Katja Kotsch, Berlin, Germany • Pascal Leprince, Paris, France • Fiona Loud, St Albans, UK • Dominique Martin, Geelong, Australia • Robert Minnee, Rotterdam, the Netherlands • Rainer Oberbauer, Vienna, Austria • Gabriel Oniscu, Edinburgh, UK • David Paredes, Barcelona, Spain • Stephen Pettit, Cardiff, UK • Jacopo Romagnoli, Rome, Italy • Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria • Dimitrios Stamatialis, Enschede, the Netherlands • Luca Toti, Rome, Italy


Stefan Schneeberger, President
Thierry Berney, Past President
Vassilios Papalois, President-Elect
Gabriel Oniscu, Secretary
Luciano Potena, Treasurer


Oriol Bestard, Barcelona, Spain • Umberto Cillo, Padova, Italy • Frank Dor, London, UnitedKingdom • Luuk Hilbrands, Nijmegen, the Netherlands • Maarten Naesens, Leuven, Belgium • Xavier Rogiers, Ghent, Belgium • Olivier Thaunat, Lyon, France


Ivan Knezevic, ECTTA Chair • Robert Langer, EKITA Chair • Christophe Duvoux, ELITA Chair • Eelco de Koning, EPITA Chair • David Paredes, EDTCO Chair • Emma Massey, ELPAT Chair • Martin Hoogduijn, ECTORS Chair • Gerald Brandacher, VCA Chair • Henri Leuvenink, BSC Chair • Raj Thuraisingham, EC Chair • Marjo Van Helden, ETAHP Chair • Zeeshan Ahktar, YPT Chair


Luca Segantini



The ESOT 2021 Milan Congress will allow you to access the most recent information on emerging trends in solid organ-transplantation. Its theme “Interplay, Connect, Interface” intends to convey the current excitement around transplantation science, which is deriving by the increasing range of therapeutic options supported by organ regeneration, cell therapy, artifical organs and innovative immunosuppressive strategies. Never before the transplant team has been counting on an extended range of professionals, from surgeons to coordinators to nurses and dietitians, to lab scientists and ethics specialists. Tomorrow’s organ replacement will be a science which needs multiple competences and a fully multidisciplinary approach. The Milan Congress will bring you the latest information to understand this groundbreaking change, and also cover critical areas such as:

  • potential treatment outcomes and financial considerations when treatment involves medical management, circulatory assist devices, and/or transplant
  • the role of infectious diseases posttransplant
  • strategies for the transition of adolescent transplant patients to adulthood and management of posttransplant pregnancy
  • advancesinchimericantigenreceptor(CAR)T-cell immunotherapy in hematologic malignancies and the management of therapy-related toxicities.

Session Formats


Education Track sessions address the always important fundamentals of transplantation. The sessions are aimed at transplant professionals looking to learn or relearn the elementary aspects of transplantation. Sessions start with a knowledge gap assessment, continue with presentations from experts and conclude with an assessment on the topics covered.


Refresher sessions offer a fresh view on some of the fundamentals of transplantation. Experienced transplant professionals share new perspectives on some of the most important and well-established topics in transplantation.


Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) sessions bring together the multiple fascinating aspects of transplantation. Key topics are presented and discussed from the different perspectives, typical of multi-disciplinary teams. The skills discussed are easily transferable to other fields, even outside medical science. MDT sessions are a prime example of what makes organ transplantation such a rich and unique field.


The chance to interact with the speaker and your peers in small group sessions based on informal discussion.


Take advantage of valuable peer-to-peer learning with small, moderated discussions with your peers on topics relevant to you.


Connect “First time” ESOT Congress participants with experienced attendees.


Highly scored abstracts allocated for top-level moderated group discussion and SWOT analysis of the submitted work.


ESOT is currently a leader in innovating the delivery of transplant education and transplant congresses, but in order to maintain this position in the future there is a clear need to broaden the purpose of the Society and redefine its strategy. The ESOT Council identified five key strategic points and made a number of recommendations that need to be addressed in the short, medium and long-term:

  1. Redefinition of the ESOT purpose: a new strategic direction for the Society, which includes new areas which promise to be the future of transplantation (cell therapy, organ regeneration, artificial organs…).
  2. Membership engagement: as transplantation professionals’ needs and behavior are constantly changing, ESOT will engage with its community in innovative ways.
  3. Strategy concerning industry and business fields: ESOT is developing a new business proposition towards current and future industry and business partners in light of external developments.
  4. Lifelong learning and development portfolio: based on the future needs of its members and other stakeholders, the ESOT education portfolio (with an increased contribution from sections and committees) is being revisited to ensure it supports the entire career cycle of transplant professionals.
  5. Stakeholder communication strategy: there is a clear need for amplifying the message that ESOT directly serves its members to improve care for patients. ESOT is actively influencing relevant stakeholders, with a particular attention to policy-makers, in accordance to the new strategy.

10 Reasons to attend

  1. Be inspired
  2. Drive progress
  3. Explore the edge of our current practice and achievements
  4. Discuss with experts and innovative thinkers about Why vs Why Not?
  5. Interact with peers and pave the way forward together
  6. Understand the latest trends of basic and translational science
  7. Explore how to manage your career development
  8. Attend dedicated tracks to maximise the learning experience
  9. Share your research and be selected for focused discussions – guided and instructed by key opinion leaders in each field
  10. Get engaged in this interactive meeting and take an active role in shaping the future of transplantation research and medicine


The target audience for this conference includes all fields involved in health care and research with an affiliation in transplantation. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Transplant patients
  • Transplant surgeons
  • Physicians of all fields with an interest in transplantation
  • Coordinators, nurses, dietitians
  • General surgeons and clinicians with an interest in transplantation • Transplant scientists
  • Nutrition and rehabilitation specialists
  • Transplant pharmacists

Health care professionals with an involvement in treatment of organ failure, cell therapy, tissue and regenerative medicine are warmly welcome to our conference.


Milan has evolved and expanded its horizons to become, today, an internationally-renowned economic centre, the capital of Italian fashion and design, with its advanced infrastructures, its restaurants, hotels and the countless leisure opportunities like shopping, design and museums. Milan boasts a richness and unique variety of museums. Over the centuries, the long literary, artistic, musical and scientific tradition has made this city into a propeller centre, a crossroads of culture that has left behind numerous traces, now preserved in important museum collections. Milan knows how to satisfy all types of tastes ; lyric, theatre, entertainment and music and all sorts of artistic expression find their place in the city. With its various districts – each with its own unique atmosphere – and its characteristic eclectic and energetic spirt, Milan is a city that can please everyone.


MiCo Milano Convention Centre
Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1 – 20149 Milano – Italy

Italian design at your service
With 65 fully equipped meeting rooms and more than 50.000 square meters of exhibition space the MiCo is the ideal venue for events of all sizes.


Sunday, 29 August – Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Hotel accommodation
The Official Housing Bureau will offer you the opportunity to book accommodation in a selection of Milan’s best hotels at specially negotiated rates for the ESOT attendees.


Congress Scientific Secretariat ESOT Office
Riviera dei Mugnai, 8/24 35137 Padua, Italy
Ph +39 049 8597652
E- mail: esot2021@esot.org

Congress Secretariat & Housing Bureau
AIM Group International
Via Ripamonti 129
20141 Milan, Italy
Ph +39 02 566011
E-mail: esot2021@aimgroup.eu

Key Dates

02 SEP 2019 

06 SEP 2019

15 SEP 2019

18 SEP 2019