Cathelijne van der Wouden
Leiden, the Netherlands

ESOT2019 Invited Speaker Cathelijne van der Wouden

Cathelijne van der Wouden, PharmD, is a PhD Candidate for the H2020 funded Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics Consortium ( at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands. She works as the Coordinating Researcher for the PREPARE Study. The Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics Consortium’s PREPARE Study aims to implement PGx testing of a panel of pharmacogenes, to guide drug and dose selection, and to determine its impact on patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness. PREPARE (PREeptive Pharmacogenomic testing for prevention of Adverse drug Reactions) is a prospective, block-randomized, controlled, clinical study across healthcare institutions in seven European countries (n=8,100).

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