Eline Bunnik
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Eline Bunnik invited speaker of ESOT2019

Eline Bunnik is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Her background is in Philosophy mostly. In 2014, she completed a PhD dissertation on ethical issues in genomic testing. She has led research projects on the ethics of genetics and genomics, epigenetics, predictive medicine, prenatal screening, research ethics, including informed consent and the handling of incidental findings, the use of biomarkers in research, and early access to investigational drugs. Also, she is interested in ethical issues in organ donation and transplantation. Eline teaches medical ethics and research ethics at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels, at Erasmus MC and elsewhere. She is member of the medical research ethics committee (METC), the committee for incidental findings at Erasmus MC, the Working Group for Ethical and Legal Issues of the Vereniging Klinisch Genetici Nederland (VKGN), and the ZonMw-funded ELSI Servicedesk and ELSI Personalised Medicine research consortium.

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