Francesca Tinti
Rome, Italy

ESOT2019 Invited Speaker Francesca Tinti

Dr. Tinti was trained at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, (supervisor Prof. Anna Paola Mitterhofer). The scientific activity carried out by Dr. Tinti has always proved to be strongly in line with the clinical activity. She has always directed her interest to transplantation of abdominal organs, in particular kidney transplantation and liver transplantation, initially in collaboration with the surgeons of the Sapienza Transplant Centre, and subsequently in international research and collaboration programs with the Liver Transplant Unit and the Renal Unit at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (Birmingham, UK).

Participation in kidney and liver transplantation was associated with the follow-up of patients pre- and post-transplantation. Particular attention was paid to immunosuppressive therapy and its complications in particular viral infections, nephrotoxicity and adverse cardiovascular effects, different immunosuppression schemes and innovative pharmacological formulations. Dr. Tinti has developed over time an increasing interest in acute and chronic renal dysfunction in liver transplantation, focusing to study patients in the immediate post-transplantation and in the long-term follow-up.

She has also developed an interest in the study and follow-up of renal function in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, particularly in the use of new antiretroviral drugs. Lately, particular attention has been paid to the study and application of perfusion and maintenance techniques of the transplanted organs, in particular in the context of donation from deceased donors due to cardiocirculatory death.

She recently completed the Doctoral project in hepatology, focusing on the role of ischaemia-reperfusion injury after liver transplantation affecting local and remote organs, with the development of biliary complications and acute kidney injury. The clinical experience during these years led her to achieve the European Diploma in
Transplantation Medicine (UEMS), which required certified documentation of continuous and extensive training in all areas of transplant medicine, with specific participation in the evaluation of candidates for transplantation and post-transplant patient follow-up. Awarded with the ESOT Grant Transplant Fellowship (2017), she was also awarded with the Euroliver Foundation Award (2015) and several Travel Grants by EASL and ERA-EDTA.

Former Chair of the Young Professionals in Transplantation (ESOT), she has been recently allowed as member of the European Board of Transplant Medicine (UEMS) as liaison with young European group of transplant professional.

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