Mats Nilsson
Stockholm, Sweden

Mats Nilsson invited speaker of ESOT2019

Mats Nilsson is Professor of Biochemistry at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University. He received his PhD in Medical Genetics in 1998. He visited Leiden University Medical Centre as EMBO post-doctoral fellow 1999-2000, to learn microscopy and cytometry techniques. In 2001 he returned to Uppsala University and in 2003 he became Associate Professor in Molecular Medicine. He leads a group of 5 PhD-students and 8 postdocs and their research is focused on developing single-molecule and single-cell gene analytic tools, employing advanced molecular tools combined with microscopy and microfluidics. Recent work includes development of an in situ sequencing method that allows for spatial mapping of hundreds of targeted transcripts at the same time in a tissue section. Mats Nilsson is author of more than 170 journal articles, published in journals including Science, Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, PNAS, ACS Nano, and Nucleic Acids Research. He is inventor of 10 patents and he is co-founder of 6 companies. He is Scientific Director of Science for Life Laboratory.


All Sessions by Mats Nilsson
PLENARY SESSION 2: Single cells omics: generating an atlas to chart transplant organs
September 16, 2019
14:05 - 15:35