Michelle Jesse
Detroit, USA

ESOT2019 Invited Speaker Michelle Jesse

Michelle Jesse is a Clinical Health Psychologist and Research Scientist with the Henry Ford Transplant Institute in Detroit, MI, USA. She is a Senior Staff Psychologist with Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and an Adjunct Research Scientist with the Center for Health Policy & Health Services Research at Henry Ford. She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences in the Wayne State School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, USA. She graduated with a masterโ€™s in clinical psychology/advanced behavioral analysis from Minnesota State University and her PhD in clinical health psychology from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, USA.

Her research interests include neurocognitive functioning in transplant patients, the impact of caregivers on patient outcomes, and provider well-being. She has published numerous articles, many of which focus on burnout and the emotional processing of transplant professionals both in the USA and throughout Europe.

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