Sheikh Tamir Rashid
London, United Kingdom

Sheikh Tamir Rashid Invited Speaker of ESOT2019

Dr. Sheikh Tamir Rashid obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, carried out postdoctoral research at Stanford University, USA and trained in medicine at Imperial College (St Mary’s). After being appointed as a Clinical Lecturer in Gastroenterology & Hepatology in Cambridge, he was awarded an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship and moved to KCL where he leads a liver stem cell research group (CSCRM) aligned to his clinical practice as a Consultant Hepatologist in King’s College Hospital.

Tamir’s contributions to the stem cell and liver fields have been recognised via several awards including the American Liver Association Fellows’ Prize, the British Liver Association’s Sheila Sherlock Prize and the Academy of Medical Sciences UK Young Investigator award. His research also led to the spin out of a biotech company in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Cambridge (DefiniGen).

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