Sophie Brouard
Nantes, France

Sophie Brouard Invited Speaker of #ESOT2019

Doctor Sophie Brouard is director of research in the INSERM unit located in Nantes (france) and working in Immunology and transplantation. She is an immunologist interested in fundamental and translational questions on the process of rejection and tolerance in transplantation. The central questions her group addresses are what are the immunological mechanisms involved in rejection and tolerance in human and Is it possible to identify biomarkers for these two processes that would allow a better monitoring of the patients.

Before taking her position of Director of research in the INSERM Unit of Nantes, Sophie Brouard is also doctor in Veterinary Science since 1994. Since 2011, she held position of director of the CENTAURE national RTRS transplantation network in France. She received the Bronze medal from the french CNRS national research institute in 2004 and the price from “medicine academy” in 2012. She funded two companies, TclandExpression and Effimune. She participates and is co-authors of 10 patents. She published 190 papers and review.

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