Yesterday we took another important step towards the ESOT Congress 2021 in Milan. The Scientific Programme Committee represented in by Umberto Cillo and Co-Chair Luciano Potena met with the ESOT team in Padova, Italy.

We are extremely grateful for the extensive work already carried out by the SPC members which was used to define the structure and content topics for the ESOT Congress 2021 in Milan.

Interplay, Connect, Interface

We took the opportunity to hear first-hand from ESOT Congres Co-Chair Umberto Cillo about the meaning behind ESOT Congress’ tag line: Interplay, Connect, Interface.

“Science and Medicine are universal languages empowered by gathering of multilateral experiences. This is a time of communication and a new Transplantation era now begins through a tight CONNECTION of different clinical and technological sciences, promoting deep and constant INTERPLAY among scientists and physicians of different disciplines, well aware that INTERFACE areas are the most fertile and the most fruitful for the future.” – Umberto Cillo

With the COVID-19 continuing to be top-of-mind around the world Umberto Cillo also addressed why he believes that it it more important than ever to participate in the ESOT Congress.

“The COVID-19 pandemic revealed more than ever that Politics, Economics and Societies are disaggregated and often conflicting even in a global crisis. More than ever, on the contrary, Science and Medicine communities are working as a whole, CONNECTING clinicians, making scientists INTERPLAY, INTERFACING different disciplines.Transplantation is one of the highest paradigm of such a communal, multilateral, multifuncional powerful synergy of minds using the same language and aiming at the same goals” – Umberto Cillo

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey!