The ESOT2019 Copenhagen Congress is based on five pillars:


Hard-working, ethical, committed, and enthusiastic people are at the core of every success in transplantation. The ESOT2019 Congress gives you the opportunity to come together and design the future of your vocation.


Content is of paramount importance to all transplant professionals – from surgeons to pharmacists, from coordinators to basic scientists. The ESOT2019 Congress features cutting-edge content that is not available anywhere else for you to absorb and implement it in your practice.


The ESOT2019 Congress is not only about advancing knowledge and career development, it is also about engaging with colleagues, finding common interests and designing the future of transplantation together. Our challenge is to give you all the tools you need to take your connections to the next level.


The ESOT2019 Congress is about very serious business, but we believe that excellent science delivered by entertaining presenters is an important part of the Congress. Our participants’ learning experience is even stronger when they enjoy each other’s company: we promise you will learn even more – and have a good time in the process.


The interactive and engaging formats used at the ESOT2019 Congress ensure that participants are full stakeholders who can truly take advantage of everything on offer. You are not going to attend just another conference: you are going to be a part of this Congress.

ESOT2019 Copenhagen Congress is designed to be Your Congress, tailored to your interests and aspirations.

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