19th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation 15 – 18 September 2019

Presentation Guidelines

Your Presentation at the ESOT2019 Congress in Copenhagen

Scientific Programme Committee Co-Chairs Allan Rasmussen (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Vassilios Papalois (London, United Kingdom) share practical information on abstract driven sessions in this helpful video.

Guidelines for Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is the only presentation tool available in all sessions.

Your Presentation

  • Speakers are not able to use their personal computers to present slides. All PowerPoint presentations must be handed in advance at the Speaker Ready Room.
  • All presentations are loaded into a PowerPoint handling system that will store and distribute your presentation to the session hall in time for your session.
  • All PowerPoint presentations should be handed preferably the day before or at least 2-4 hours before the session starts on the same day. Please secure sufficient time to deliver your slides to the Speaker Ready Room. Please keep in mind that mornings and lunch breaks are very busy, as many of your colleagues will be uploading the slides as well.

At the Speaker Ready Room

  • The staff of the Speakers Ready Room will load your presentation into the system so that
    it will be available on the computer in your session hall when you come to speak.
  • Please preview your presentation carefully on the Speaker Ready Room computer assigned by the staff before the final sign off.
  • If you are doing more than one speech during the congress, you may upload all your presentations at the same time and they will be sent to their corresponding session halls at the time of your sessions.

Speakers Ready Room – location and opening hours

Speakers Ready Room is located in room FOCUS ROOM at the Level 0 – next to the Registration area

Opening hours:

  • Sunday, 15 September from 08:00 to 19:30
  • Monday, 16 September from 07:30 to 19:30
  • Tuesday, 17 September from 07:30 to 19:30
  • Wednesday, 18 September from 07:30 to 12:00

Speakers of FULL ORALS, Abstract-driven Sessions MUST check-in at the Speakers Ready Room also. FOR OTHER KIND OF ORALS, Abstract-driven Sessions, please refer to the abstract team at esotprogramme@shocklogic.com

Disclaimer: These guidelines should be seen as a matter of improving the effectiveness of the “Slide centre-Solution” and as a consequence should result in high speakers comfort. In the Slide Centre-solution, staff will be readily available to help speakers upload and finalize their presentation. Presenters should make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly before they leave the Speakers Ready Room. Proper identification is required in order to submit a presentation and also to upload, preview and edit files in the Speakers Ready Room, please check in with the Congress staff on arrival in the room. Kindly note that storage devices (USB Memory Sticks, CDs, DVDs, etc.) will not be returned if left behind, please ensure that devices are collected before the close of the Congress, after which they will be destroyed.

Slide format

  • The PowerPoint handling and distribution system is optimized for MS PowerPoint 2016 (Office 2016).
  • USB—Memory (Stick). All needed files — also the movie files!!! – have to be on the data media. Presentations can also be taken off speaker’s notebooks at the Speakers Ready Room.
  • Please only use Latin—based fonts“. If special fonts are needed, they should be stored as “embedded fonts“ with the presentation (File —> save as „name of presentation“ and under „tools“ —>save options mark the checkbox „embed True type fonts“ and select „embed all characters“).
  • Presentations should be saved as „.ppt“, “.pptx” ( =PowerPoint) or „.pps“,.ppsx“ (=PowerPoint Slideshow) –file and movies as separate files on the data media.
  • When using mathematical symbols please use those, which are available under Latin fonts (unicode or DOS: Western Europe). These can be shown without any problems in Office 2016.
  • The presentation computers and projectors will be set up and optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio –full HD (1920×1080) in all rooms.
  • As format for embedded movies “MP4 – movies” (H.264 + AAC) are preferred (but canalso be *.avi, *.wmv ).

Disclosure & Conflict of Interest Declaration on your presentations

Your disclosure & COI slide(s) must be displayed at the beginning of your presentation.

Social Media Guidelines

Please find here the text for your Social Media disclosure slide:

“You are welcome to share details of this presentation responsibly and with due credit on social media. This is a presentation at #ESOT2019 by @SpeakerHandle who is affiliated with @SpeakerAffiliation.”

Please edit the @SpeakerHandle and @SpeakerAffiliation to the correct Twitter handles where appropriate.

  • The slide must be displayed at the beginning of your presentation.
  • Remember that talks are tweetable and shareable by default.
  • Speakers can ask that specific details should not be shared and can opt-out by informing the audience of their preference.

Social Media Opt-out policy

  • Speakers are responsible for providing CLEAR instructions at the beginning of each presentation to highlight any such requests.
  • The “no tweeting/no sharing” statement should be included on slides to clearly express that content/results should not be posted on twitter and/or any other social media sites.
  • Chair(s) should be made aware of this

Session Room setup

In addition to the video and audio system, each session room is equipped with:

  • Laptop and/or LCD monitor at the lectern/comfort monitor
  • Touchscreen
  • A laser pointer

Key Dates

02 SEP 2019 

06 SEP 2019

15 SEP 2019

18 SEP 2019