Explore the various session types that make up the programme of the ESOT2019 Congress in Copenhagen.

Speciality Update Symposia

At Speciality Update Symposia leading specialists are invited to present as part of a deep dive into a specific organ or field within transplantation. Sessions are developed in collaboration with the relevant ESOT Section or Committee. All transplant professionals are invited to start their congress experience by participating in the Speciality Update Symposia of their choice.

Education Track

Education Track sessions address the always important fundamentals of transplantation. The sessions are aimed at transplant professionals looking to learn or relearn the elementary aspects of transplantation. Sessions start with a knowledge gap assessment, continue with presentations from experts and conclude with an assessment on the topics covered.


Refresher sessions offer a fresh view on some of the fundamentals of transplantation. Experienced transplant professionals share new perspectives on some of the most important and well-established topics in transplantation.


Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) sessions bring together the multiple fascinating aspects of transplantation. Key topics are presented and discussed from the different perspectives, typical of multi-disciplinary teams. The skills discussed are easily transferable to other fields, even outside medical science. MDT sessions are a prime example of what makes organ transplantation such a rich and unique field.


The whole congress gathers for Plenary sessions to experience powerful out-of-the-box presentations delivered by expert speakers from inside and outside medical science. Plenary sessions energise and inspire the ESOT community while raising important issues and asking crucial questions that reframe the past and define the future of transplantation.

State of the Art

State of the Art sessions offer participants an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the best methods and the most robust procedures in transplantation. This is a unique opportunity to get a global perspective on transplantation and learn from a diverse group of peers.

Inspire & Drive

Inspiring minds and driving progress (the motto of the congress) is the focus on the Inspire & Drive sessions. The sessions explore the benefits of mentoring among other ways of keeping young transplant professionals driven and inspired to develop in the field of transplantation.

Special Sessions

Sessions with special focus on different matters in transplantation and/or collaborations with other medical societies or bodies linked to transplantation.