All deliveries, except for self-offload and hand carried goods, must be handled by DSV Solutions A/S, the official logistics partner.

DSV Solutions A/S – Henrik Glendorf
Bella Center
Center Boulevard 5
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tel.: + 45 32 47 30 17

Only DSV Solutions A/S will accept any freight deliveries, including courier shipments prior to and during the build-up and breakdown of the exhibition. Neither the BCC nor the organiser takes responsibility for any parcels being sent to the venue.

If exhibitors are having their equipment picked up from the venue after the exhibition breakdown has concluded, this needs to be done through DSV Solutions A/S. Pick up of items needs to be arranged by the exhibitor in advance and certainly before the end of the congress. After the exhibition breakdown is closed, items can be stored at DSV Solutions A/S, but this has to be organized with DSV Solutions A/S by the exhibitor.

DSV Solutions A/S offers:

  • Collection and transport of goods to the exhibition
  • Unloading at the exhibition area with forklift or crane
  • Collection and storage of empty packaging material
  • Return transport of goods after the exhibition
  • Customs clearance

DSV will be available on-site during the entire exhibition to be at your immediate service should you require their assistance.

See the files below for more information: