The ESOT Congress is the leading European meeting for the transplant community to share their expertise and latest research.

Abstract and Clinical Case
General Information

As a presenter, you will have the opportunity to showcase new and exciting topics in organ transplantation and contribute to the learning journey of others in this field.

ESOT has provided a selection of materials to assist prospective Abstract and Clinical Case presenters to optimise their Congress experience.


Presenting your Abstract and Clinical Case

ESOT Congress 2021 will be held as hybrid event, allowing presenters to showcase their work both in-person and remotely. For the convenience of the abstract presenters, ESOT has developed a flowchart and listed the key dates to guide them through the presentation process.

10 August – Deadline to submit ePosters

10 August – Deadline to submit pre-recordings (for Brief Orals and all other types of presentations delivered virtually)

26 August – Deadline to submit PowerPoint presentation via the Virtual Speaker Ready Room

Abstract presenter advice guide

Presentations require much thought, planning and research; and for many, delivering a presentation can be a challenging experience.

To support you along this process, ESOT has devised this advice guide to help you get the most out of your presentation.

Presenter toolkit

ESOT has created a toolkit to support the development of Abstract and Clinical Case presentations/posters.

This toolkit provides instructional advice on how to build the perfect presentation/poster and offers a suite of Congress-related templates and materials to bring their presentation to life.

Delivering the perfect presentation

Practicing your presentation will not only help build confidence but allow you to familiarise yourself with how to best approach the situation on the day. It is advised that you seek out the support of a fellow colleague/peer to assist you and provide feedback.

Preparation is key. Ensure you familiarise yourself with the technology you will be using on the day. We advise you bring a back-up copy of your presentation on a portable device (i.e., USB). For most sessions, you will be required to engage in a questions and discussion session. To ensure you are not caught ‘off-guard’, we advise you to prepare answers to several questions you anticipate the audience will ask. This will allow you to feel more comfortable in your presentation and may help mitigate the impact of nerves.

Presenting your abstract at ESOT Congress 2021 offers the perfect platform to showcase your passion and enthusiasm for the research you have been conducting. If you appear passionate and excited about the topic, so will the audience.

Presenting can often seem daunting and it can show physically. Ensure you stand with a relaxed but confident posture when delivering your presentation, making eye contact with the audience – try to keep pacing movements and fidgeting to an absolute minimum. If you struggle to overcome nerves, we advise you practice relaxation techniques. Everybody has their own way of dealing with nerves – so try and find personal methods of relaxation to help get your nerves under control.

The tone, volume and pronunciation of your voice can dictate the effectiveness of getting your message across. Ensure you pace yourself when presenting and provide ample time for the audience to digest the information.

For Abstract enquiries contact:

Magda Korczak-Mleczko