Welcome to the ESOT Congress

Athens, 17-20 September 2023


A message from the ESOT Congress 2023 Co-Chairs


Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to join us at the ESOT Congress 2023 in Athens. Widely regarded as the birthplace of modern European civilisation, Athens holds a unique place in our cultural, philosophical and political heritage. As such, there is no better place to convene for the ESOT Congress to discuss and share disruptive innovation and how it can shape the delivery of trusted care for people requiring transplants.

After a most challenging time in global health care, it is time to rebuild, reshape and modernise the delivery of transplant care, and in true Athenian spirit, ensure wider participation and shared decision making. This Congress will capture this ethos and bring together more than ever before clinicians, scientists, engineers, patients, ethicists and thinkers, policymakers and industry. Whatever your area of interest is in transplantation and organ replacement, this event will provide you with a learning and networking opportunity.

Once again, we will make Athens the global centre for education, scientific innovation, ethical debates and learning, where we can exchange ideas for pushing the limits, improve access to latest technological developments and deliver better care, under the overarching theme of “Disruptive Innovation, Trusted Care”.

True to ESOT values, the focus will be on innovation, but with twist! We aim to explore the latest technological developments that can increase access to transplantation and organ replacement, enable better and more timely delivery of transplant care and we will ask ourselves how best to establish a culture of innovation. We will consider innovative digital technologies to reshape the delivery of care to build a modern, efficient and responsive transplant service and promote a safe and personalised transplant care. The pace of development in precision medicine, regeneration and repair warrants in depth discussions of how far we have come in our understanding of mechanisms of organ injury and repair, what are the new therapies and how best to integrate them in future portfolios of treatment options.

We aim to integrate these innovations in a holistic and patient-centred care, while exploring how to enhance communication, create an open and trusting environment, reduce unwarranted variation in healthcare and empower people who need transplants and their families to take an active and equal role in decision making.

As you would expect from an ESOT Congress, we will feature high level plenary overviews, keynote addresses and a wide range of formats making use of the latest technologies for presentations to reach a global audience and engage connectivity and participation.

Join us in the cradle of European civilisation for another landmark ESOT Congress set against the backdrop of history!


Gabriel C Oniscu
Congress Co-Chair
Ioannis Boletis
Congress Co-Chair