Welcome Letter

The event is being held at the MiCo – Milano Convention Centre in Milan, Italy’s second largest city, a very dynamic city and the undisputed business and financial capital of Italy. In recent years, Milan has seen a real Renaissance, elevating the city and its urban surroundings to the global capital of food, design and fashion. There’s a new energy in town, some kind of renewed optimism, pride, passion, which make Milan the ideal place for a meeting gathering transplantation professionals from Europe and beyond, to discuss the main ESOT Congress 2021 theme: Interplay, Connect, Interface.

Transplantation is at a turning point with the necessity to open doors and include other disciplines such as organ reconstruction and regeneration, mechanical assisted devices and different categories from bio-hybrid technologies to biomedical engineering. This is why we need to contemplate a new and reimagined approach to patients, treatments and the professionals of the field.

This event continues and reinforces ESOT as the main platform for connecting the research and academic community with patients, European policymakers, and Industry. The Congress will cover all organs related clinical aspects and transplant techniques: from basic to advanced as well as innovative studies.

The Congress overarching theme indicates a special focus on the different technological advances and applications in organ regeneration and cell therapy that can rapidly and cost effectively lead us to an even better care for patients in need of organ function replacement.

The Congress will feature its usual innovative and entertaining format, which includes the latest technologies for presentations and interactive poster sessions. One of the most exciting aspects of attending an ESOT conference is the people you’ll meet. ESOT invites and attracts speakers, delegates and global experts to deliver high level plenary overviews but also keynote addresses on inspiring scientific topics relevant to our field.

The ESOT Congress 2021 will be enriched by a variety of side events, workshops, consensus conferences and work meetings to promote the interaction amongst all stakeholders, connect researchers and academics with industry partners, all working together to address the needs and create opportunities for transplantation in the next 5-10 years.

Of course, you will also have the opportunity to meet your peers in a stimulating and fun environment during our lively networking and social events, in the beautiful city of Milan. The Italian Society for Organ Transplantation (SITO) will work alongside ESOT to deliver a stimulating and engaging congress experience for Professionals coming from around the globe, but also relevant to the large Italian transplant community.

Umberto Cillo Congress Co-Chair & SPC

Luciano Potena SPC Co-Chair