ESOT Science Day

Athens, 16 September 2023 

Sharing visions, connecting science

Megaron Athens International Conference Centre – Room MC2

About the ESOT Science Day

The ESOT Basic Science Committee have teamed up with the ESOT sections for Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (VCA) and the European Cell Therapy and Organ Regeneration Section (ECTORS) to share their visions for an ESOT Congress 2023 pre-meeting covering the latest ground-breaking discoveries in the field of Basic and Translational Science in transplantation.

This pre-meeting will provide in-depth, cutting-edge talks from leading experts to address the challenges in basic science fundamentals and translational science studies in transplantation. The main topics covered will be clinical cell therapy, bioengineering & regenerative medicine and spatial omics. We will look further into how these new emerging fields can be translated into clinical practice to create a brighter future for transplant patients. 

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Session 1: Translational and clinical cell therapy

In this session, the latest insight in clinical cell therapy in solid organ transplantation will be discussed. What can we learn from the clinical studies on cellular therapy? How should we monitor our patients?  What are the obstacles and opportunities to progress in this field? We will also focus on monitoring aspects, such as how we can identify tolerant patients.

Domains: Regeneration and Repair/Realistic Care 

Session 2: Cheating death               

In this session, participants will learn about the most novel and exciting approaches to organ transplantation. How supercooling of organs could revolutionise organ allocation, how the use of extracellular vesicles could overcome some hurdles of cellular therapy, and how the role of mitochondria could be the key to preventing ischemia-reperfusion injury.

Domains: Regeneration and Repair/Realistic Care 

Session 3: Spatial Omics                                    

Technical advances enable the simultaneous assessment of multiple modalities and spatial organisation, providing opportunities in the discovery of new cell types, cellular differentiation trajectories and communication networks. This session will overview how spatial omics can be implemented in research to guide the discovery of novel biomarkers to achieve a better understanding of rejection and tolerance mechanisms.        

Domains: Innovation and Technology/Regeneration and Repair/Realistic Care 

Session 4: Organ manipulation and bioengineering: Repair or replace?

Organ manipulation and bioengineering are exciting fields in transplantation. We will focus on bile duct repair on the pump and the generation of bile ducts from stem cells. What is the current state of these innovations, and should we repair or replace organs? The interactive session will end with a quiz organised by BSC, ECTORS and VCA. Who knows the most about these fields and will win the trophy?

Domains: Innovation and Technology/Regeneration and Repair

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